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Locums Tenens

Expert Tax Services for Locums Tenens Docs

As an independent contractor, working with a CPA who understands the nuances of locum tenens will KEEP more money in your pockets.

  • Personalized, Detail-Oriented Tax Advice
  • NO more “cookie-cutter” solutions!
  • Unlike tax preparation software or general tax advisors, working with a detail-oriented locum tenens CPA means peace of mind knowing that 360° of your unique financial situation will be analyzed.

Comprehensive Services
When you work with Ike Braden, CPA, you’ll get all your tax needs taken care of, including:

Business Entity Advice 
When starting as an independent contractor, making the decision about incorporating can be daunting. Put experience and know-how on your side by working with Ike! In turn, he will guide you toward the best possible avenue, whether that be a C or S corporation, LLC, or sole proprietorship.

Retirement Planning 
With the help of an experienced CPA, you can navigate the complexities of retirement planning. In the process, you will experience a greater sense of security knowing that you have a sound retirement plan, optimized for self-employed individuals.

Expense Analysis 
From everyday purchases to large-scale investments, working with Ike means you will get a comprehensive look at your business expenses to ensure you are maximizing tax deductions while minimizing wasted spending.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Package options offered include:
(1) Tax preparation only package $1,250
(2) Tax preparation plus a Year-end tax strategy / tax planning meeting $1,750
(3) Tax preparation plus a mid-year and end of year tax strategy / tax planning meeting $2,250
(4) S Corporations and Partnership tax returns start at $1,500